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The Blood of Seven Queens

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The Blood of Seven Queens: Prologue

E. Christopher Clark’s first new comic book in 20+ years!

Join the mischievous Cheshire Cat, the world's worst scarecrow, and the gifted Granny Goose for an adventure in the magical, postapocalyptic paradise called Eden.


This powerful prologue will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And it is almost certainly better than Cats!


The musical Cats, not cats in general, as a species. Mister William Whiskers wanted me to make that clear.


The Stains of Time Series

The Piano of Death by E. Christopher Clark

The Piano of Death

She struggles with regret and secrets. Forced to relive her past, can she rewrite her future?


Veronica Silver’s life feels like an endless list of “what ifs?” Pregnant at sixteen, she was torn from the girl she loved and shoved into a loveless marriage with the father of her child. But her conflicted mind is in for a reboot when a piano falls out of the sky and triggers a harrowing journey down memory lane.


Reviewing her actions with the help of a mysterious figure strikingly resembling her dad, she finds herself on trial over her fateful decisions. But as she relives each scene with fresh eyes, she may trigger a chain reaction that could threaten her beloved daughter and uproot their entire family tree.


Can Veronica rise above a lifetime of mistakes and forge a bright new world?


The Piano of Death is the first book in the captivating Stains of Time family saga series. If you like diverse characters, deep emotional drama, and a touch of magical realism, then you’ll love E. Christopher Clark’s brain-bending tale.


Read The Piano of Death to take a soul-searching expedition today!

The Boot of Destiny by E. Christopher Clark

The Boot of Destiny

She loved him as a father. When he breaks her heart, she’ll raise his darkest specters…


High-school valedictorian Tracy Silver embraced her uncle as the dad she never had. But her perfect image of him shattered when she caught the married man with a half-naked stripper. Now he’s back in town, and she’s determined to render justice with a magical potion.


With the supernatural elixir running through the man’s veins, Tracy presents his memories as evidence in a mystical courtroom. But though she defies him to confirm he’s not like every other man, her righteousness is shaken with the revelation of his dark and shocking secrets.


Can Tracy prove her uncle’s betrayal was real, or will she uncover a deeper truth?


The Boot of Destiny is the second book in the intriguing Stains of Time family saga series. If you like nuanced characters, deep moral quandaries, and a touch of metaphysical mystery, then you’ll love E. Christopher Clark’s coming-of-age tale.


Read The Boot of Destiny to rewind the facts today!

The Chains of Desire by E. Christopher Clark

The Chains of Desire

She’s going to be famous. Her dreams are within reach. And if it all comes to pass, she will be murdered…


Boston, Massachusetts, 1990. Music is the one sure thing twelve-year-old Robin Gates has in her life. Though she’s disgusted by the looks she gets from grown male patrons, playing guitar and singing in her mother’s strange bar provides a path to her envisioned future. Until she reads a newspaper from 2006 that contains her obituary…


1998. As a kid, Ashley Silver saw how her family’s artistic efforts brought only despair and poverty. Now eighteen, she refuses to accept that fate and embarks on a lucrative career as an exotic dancer. But despite her misgivings about Robin’s ambition to become a rock star, Ashley can’t help but fall hard for her childhood friend.


Destined to die in her true love’s arms, Robin desperately seeks any means to change her fortune and protect her girlfriend from the doomed truth. But Ashley knows her partner is keeping some dark secret, and it threatens to tear them apart forever.


Is Robin’s death truly predetermined, or can the troubled couple force a happily-ever-after?


The Chains of Desire is the extraordinary third book in The Stains of Time family saga series. If you like intriguing paradoxes, delightful characters, and emotional ups and downs, then you’ll love E. Christopher Clark’s compelling journey into magical realism.


Buy The Chains of Desire to defy inevitability today!

The Elixir of Denial by E. Christopher Clark

The Elixir of Denial

If she notched her bedpost, it’d look like a ruler. But she knows she’ll only ever have one true love… until a trek through time proves her wrong.


Ashley Silver is stuck in mourning. Since the woman of her dreams was killed outside a time-traveling pub, the stripper has been scattering ashes across the country—and drowning her sorrows in meaningless sex. Then, when a potion with the potential to resurrect her love shatters in her face, she doubles down on her resolve to bring the rockstar back by any means.


Journeying between eras with the help of the mystical, age-phasing bar, Ashley passes out from the shock of spotting her future self locked in a loving embrace with a stranger. And with everything ahead of her dependent on this massive fork in the road, she must make the heaviest decision of her life.


Will her destiny twist into something unrecognizable, or unbelievably beautiful?


The Elixir of Denial is the heart-trembling fourth book in The Stains of Time family saga series. If you like fascinating characters, trippy twists, and complexities that will keep you guessing, then you’ll adore E. Christopher Clark’s whirlwind ride into the soul.


Buy The Elixir of Denial for a splash of existential surprise today!

The Dance of Dreams by E. Christopher Clark

The Dance of Dreams

Destiny has a hold on them. But when their entire bloodline is threatened, will the bold actions of two fearless women trigger catastrophic consequences?


Death haunts Belinda Michaelson. After surviving an apocalypse in another dimension, the otherworldly barkeep is determined to keep her new timeline safe from the universe’s wrath. But she can’t resist tempting fate by staying close to those she called family in her past life.


Tracy Silver has finally found happiness. But after she accidentally frees a bitter foe from purgatory, she watches in horror as the resurrected woman murders her groom to settle old scores. Using a magical potion to bring him back from the dead—only to lose him again a few months later—the grieving bride ignites a dangerous race to win a century-long feud.


With Belinda stuck between a rock and a hard place when her time-traveling tavern disappears, she taps into her personal gifts to save her family and stop the world from ending once again. But with Tracy sailing through eras to “fix” the past, desperate to return her beloved to her arms no matter the cost, can Belinda convince Tracy to stop denying destiny before it’s too late?


Can they repair what’s been broken before armageddon reappears with a vengeance?


The Dance of Dreams is the triumphant conclusion to The Stains of Time family saga series. If you like ricocheting anomalies, sly humor, and ordinary lives flipped on their heads, then you’ll adore E. Christopher Clark’s contemporary fantasy.


Buy The Dance of Dreams to fiddle with the cogs of reality today!


Other Books

All He Left Behind by E. Christopher Clark

All He Left Behind

11 stories. A rogues gallery of broken men. How much of themselves will they give up to get what they want? How many loved ones will they leave behind?


Matthew Silver is an alcoholic, a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac, and the unofficial keeper of his family’s long and sordid history. Disowned by his homophobic father in the wake of a disastrous coming out, Matt was taken under the wing of his far more open-minded grandfather. But when Grampy dies and leaves Matt alone under the roof of their family’s ancestral home on Cape Cod, Matt becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth of how the Silvers came to be so broken.


Collecting stories of his family and the people who loved them, Matt weaves together a tapestry ornamented by heroes who range from the loathsome to the lustful, the lascivious to the mischievous. But when years of research get him no closer to elusive truth he’s been after, how far will he go to unburden himself of the pain generations of Silver men have heaped upon his shoulders.


All He Left Behind is the second short story collection by the author E. Christopher Clark. If you like unflinching portrayals of morally ambiguous characters, then you’ll love the short fictions of this fearless and defiant young writer.


Read All He Left Behind to uncover the dirty roots of this family tree today!

Bad Poetry Night by E. Christopher Clark

Bad Poetry Night

Inspired by a series of themed open-mic nights from his college days, a novelist drops his first collection of poems.


In the 1990s, the late, great Bradford College put on a series of “Bad Poetry Nights” for their beleaguered student writers. These fast-paced evenings of literary shenanigans had one simple premise: compose the worst poem you could in five minutes or fewer, using 3–5 absurd words plucked from a hat by the hosts.


The only trouble was this: give a talented writer a set of clear constraints, no matter how ridiculous, and they can’t help but produce something compelling.


It is in that spirit that novelist E. Christopher Clark (Bradford Class of 1999) approached his first collection of verse. With words and phrases drawn from kitchen magnets, playing cards, and his own tortured imagination, Clark has assembled thirty-five poems which would make the bad poets of old look up from their black coffees, peer out from under their ironically worn berets, and offer knowing nods of approval.


Sometimes sardonic, often nostalgic, and occasionally absurd, these poems “are often more poignant than you might expect,” writes Amazon reviewer Jessica Lucci.


Buy Bad Poetry Night today to find out what happens when Herman Melville meets the Monkees and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s invades the dreams of Donald J. Trump.

Missing Mr. Wingfield by E. Christopher Clark

Missing Mr. Wingfield

A mother and daughter failed by the men they looked up to. The beginnings of a family saga that stretches across time. Two novels woven together as one.


Veronica Silver’s life feels like an endless list of “what ifs?” Pregnant at sixteen, her strict father shoved her into a loveless marriage far away from the woman she truly loved. But her conflicted mind is in for a reboot when a piano falls out of the sky and triggers a harrowing journey down memory lane.


High-school valedictorian Tracy Silver embraced her uncle as the dad she never had. But her perfect image of him shattered when she caught the married man with a half-naked stripper. Now he’s back in town, and she’s determined to render justice with a magical potion.


Can Veronica and Tracy uncover the deeper truths of their lives by re-examining a lifetime of mistakes?


Missing Mr. Wingfield collects the first two novels of E. Christopher Clark’s family saga series The Stains of Time, weaving them together with bonus materials found nowhere else.


Read Missing Mr. Wingfield today to dig deep into the stories of these two powerful women!

Out of the Woods by E. Christopher Clark

Out of the Woods

On one side of the forest lay the lands of psychological realism. On the other rest the realms of fantasy and fabulism. And in the long shadows of the trees themselves…


Three sons send their father to Valhalla in his old jalopy. A rusted robot waits on the stone wall by a child’s bus stop. An undertaker is one coin short at the river Styx. And in the bookending stories “Anything But Pure” and “Receding,” a soldier seeks to unbury stories once lost to a winter of war.


Fathers and the daughters they find, girls and the dogs they’ve loved, and a woman from Kansas with a cyclone in her heart—each discovers what happens when people go too far, love too hard, and take too much on their way Out of the Woods.


But will they learn from what they learn? Will they grow? And will you?


Out of the Woods is a short story collection by E. Christopher Clark. If you liked Carmen Maria Machado’s Her Body and Other Parties, Lincoln Michel’s Upright Beasts, or Luke Geddes’ I Am a Magical Teenage Princess, you’ll love this genre-bending blend of hypnotic fictions inspired by those three great works.


Read Out of the Woods and begin your journey today!

The Seven Wives of Silver by E. Christopher Clark

The Seven Wives of Silver

Family secrets. Forbidden obsessions. A shocking truth to bind them forever.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 19th Century. Silas Silver is desperate to have children and fulfill his mother’s dying wish. But after being ripped from his forbidden love and tossed into the Civil War, he comes to dread the loveless task. And as each one of his young wives suffers an untimely death, he suspects his bloodline is cursed.


Bounty hunter Sarah is a skilled gunslinger with a troubled mind. But her fears about her brother’s violent streak compel her to cut short her sharpshooting career in the untamed West. Returning home, Sarah is shocked to discover the time-defying truth of what goes on behind the dark homestead doors.


Torn between helping him and stopping him, a sister’s love for her brother may end up dooming their family name. With their future heritage in danger, can Silas and Sarah leave their destructive pasts and forge a new destiny?


The Seven Wives of Silver is a riveting LGBT Western with a touch of horror. If you like gripping family dramas, scandalous sex, and unexpected twists and turns, then you’ll love E. Christopher Clark’s sensational adventure.


Read The Seven Wives of Silver to expose the wicked secrets today!

Those Little Bastards by E. Christopher Clark

Those Little Bastards

16 tenants. An apartment building that’s in Los Angeles one chapter and Boston the next. A little old landlady who’s just trying to save the world…


Emily Henderson went to church every Sunday. She married the love of her life, had herself a couple of kids, and ran a boarding house for wayward souls in her retirement. But when scientists discovered how to clone her beloved Lord and Savior from DNA found on his death shroud, Emily chafed under the rule of her world’s blasphemous Jesus 2.0.


After a tenant of hers sacrifices himself to save their city, Emily travels back in time to see if she can stop the speeding train of history before it goes off the rails once again. Along the way, she meets a depraved and lonely man who hacks his way to a date in the days before Tinder; a piano instructor has a tawdry affair with a young pop star he’s tutoring; and a husband sent to the doghouse roped into a murder plot by two vagrants living in a nearby open field.


Can Emily save these flawed people from the fate she knows is coming for them all? And if she can, should she?


Those Little Bastards is the obnoxious 2002 debut of author E. Christopher Clark—an “uncensored and unabridged” collection of short stories “peppered with tang and spice” (Psychofairy). If you like stories of vamps and vampires, femme fatales and dirty old men, then you’ll love the short fictions of this fearless and defiant young writer.


Read Those Little Bastards to start your extended stay with this filthy cast of housemates today!

Under the World by E. Christopher Clark

Under the World

A realm of gilded thrones. A land of tarnished dreams. One world, with two sides.


The fate of seven kingdoms is at stake during an epic card game. A runner flees her broken marriage and barrels straight into her high school reunion. A housebroken husband trades his beloved beagle for a sad, gray donkey. And a brother and sister chase a ghost down a long and lonesome highway into the haunted forest of their past.


Young men and the difficult women who save them, old men and the dream girls who keep them up at night—join these eight heroes in unearthing the startling truth of what rests Under the World.


Will they like what they find there? Will they even be able look it in the eye? And how about you?


Under the World is a short story collection by E. Christopher Clark. If death frightens you, but an unfulfilled life frightens you even more; if you like a good fairy tale as much as you love spine-tingling suspense, then you’ll love this genre-bending union of fantasy and reality.


Read Under the World and start exploring today!



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