Cape of Shifting Sands | E. Christopher Clark

Cape of Shifting Sands

The Cape of Shifting Sands is a large coastal promontory in Quadling Country. It is dominated by a particularly brutal stretch of The Desert at the Edge of Existence, one where the sand dunes transform into physical embodiments of your worst fears.


And then, after they frighten you to death, they eat you. Yep. I’m not even kidding.


The Sisters’ Gate stands at the northernmost edge of this inhospitable region—a mesmerizing sight which often lures unsuspecting travelers further south than they should ever go.


It would be much better, in fact, if there were a statue of an old wizard which screamed “You shall not pass!” there instead. Sadly, that is not the nature of this world. It’s not an especially helpful or kind place. And so, instead, visitors get a 152-foot tall marble statue of two naked women to distract them out of their good senses instead.

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