Emerald Rebellion

The so-called Emerald Rebellion was an invasion of Chelmsdale, one of The Free Cities of Nunya, by Munchkin and Gillikin insurgents. An uneasy alliance of the Blue and Purple Armies sought to reclaim border territory that had been the target of an unsuccessful annexation by The Ninth Empire of Oz during Eden’s Second Interregnum, prior to the formation of The Council of Five.


Quashed by Chelmsdale’s local militia and an army of Rangers of the Reek levied just for the occasion, the “rebellion” lasted naught but a fortnight. It ended with the withdrawal of Munchkin and Gillikin troops and a formal ceasefire brokered during an emergency meeting of The Council.

The Conflict


Though the Blue and Purple Armies saw initial success in their siege of Chelmsdale, the arrival of the technologically superior Rangers of the Reek in the wee hours of the seventh day turned the tide for good and all.


In fact, the high casualties on the Ozite side were almost entirely due to the stubbornness of Munchkins and Gillikins raised to believe their ancestors had been robbed of their birthright by the meddling of the Council of Five. With the beauty of the Chelmer River right there in front of them, they fought well past the point where they should have stopped.


It was only once the bodies of their fallen had dyed that waterway crimson that the insurgents finally withdrew.


The leaders of the Blue and Purple armies were summoned to the Emerald City and executed by The Wizard for “raising a ruckus”—despite the pleas of the Witches of the North and East for leniency.


It is important to note that this was not a condition of the ceasefire demanded by The Council of Five. The Ninth Empire—or, rather, their leader—came up with this punishment all on their/his lonesome.

Historical Significance


Acts of aggression between the member-nations of the Council of Five, which had already been sparse since the Council’s founding, diminished altogether. Though tensions between the nations which bordered each other remained, with the citizens of Wonderland fearing an invasion by Munchkins and Quadlings on their northwestern border so much that they hired Reek craftsman to build them a wall, all-out war was abandoned for the odd skirmish to blow off steam.

Conflict Type
Conflict Result

The full retreat of the Blue Army of the Munchkins and Purple Army of the Gillikins from the sovereign city-state of Chelmsdale









Claim Chelmsdale for the Ninth Empire, succeeding where their ancestors had come up short.

Defend the city of Chelmsdale from southwestern aggression.


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22 Dec, 2020 19:09

Executed for causing a ruckus. That seems unfair and a little over the top! :c

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E. Christopher Clark
23 Dec, 2020 16:05

I know, right? Once I have a chance to delve deeper into which parts of Oz are in the public domain and which parts aren’t, I want to revisit the tyranny of the Wizards of Oz. I have some ideas, but since I’ve read “Wicked” and seen the classic MGM film, I need to be sure I’m not accidentally copying from those.

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