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Fairies (sometimes called fae) are an extradimensional species of sapient beings with vast, supernatural powers. Born inside the Veil of the World, legend tells us that the fae were cast out of their homeland when the elves imprisoned the Elder Gods inside the Veil near the dawn of time.


In the eons since, the fairy diaspora has spread across the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. Sometimes, and in some places, these mischief-making demigods are considered benevolent creatures (as is the case with the elves, who believe they were created by the fae). But at other times and in other places—such as in the Eden of the halflings—the fae have been deemed monsters, capable of unspeakable evil.

Basic Information


Fairies, having been created directly by the Sister Goddesses, are, at their core, beings of pure fire, water, earth, or air. That said, they often take the shape of the species they are interacting with—so as not to frighten said species with their true forms.


Fairies observed by elven, dwarven, halfling, and human populations tend to present with a pair of dragonfly- or butterfly-shaped wings. Contrariwise, fae who interact with the horned, shape-shifting kíndalla tend to appear horned themselves, and almost never have wings.


Some fairies will become so enamored with a particular species that they come to consider themselves a part of that people, and will adopt the species’ appearance permanently. This can lead to fraught interactions with other species, who may consider a fairie who has taken on characteristics of a traditional rival to be particularly grotesque.

Genetics and Reproduction

Fae are born when dreams come true. Each time a sapient being’s unconscious desire is made a reality, a new fairy is born of that magic.


So-called half-fae can be created when a fairy “gets busy,” so to speak, with a being of another species. And the fae have yet to find a people in the universe whose form of procreation they didn’t find fun.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The fae, hailing from inside the most powerful magical barrier in the CLU, are accomplished sorcerors from birth. Their potential is nigh unlimited, which makes them highly sought-after partners in many endeavors across the universe. And yet, to beg the favor of a fairy is to invite entropy into one’s life.


Magical gifts from the fae always come with a price.


That said, the cost is often something a fairy’s patron would have been willing to part with anyway—if only they were being honest with themselves. And, in fact, the rare sapient being who is already true to themself and their nature—they might find that a fairy’s offering comes totally free of charge.

Genetic Descendants
Average Height
Highly Variable
Average Weight
Highly Variable


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