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Five Moons of Eden

The Five Moons of Eden are, together with the Edenian Sun, the only actual celestial bodies to be found in this purgatorial paradise; the “stars” in the night sky, I must admit, are naught but pinpricks in the Veil of the World.


Modeled on the five moons of the planet Gadalla as they were at the end of the six-hundred and sixty-fifth iteration of reality, the Five Moons of Eden are unclaimed by any of five nations on the flat-world planetoid they orbit. They have instead been designated as the “province of all,” a designation meant to restrict exploitation of their resources which has backfired spectacularly.


Since the first dwarves landed on the surface of The Blue One during The First Age, the Moons have become a lawless place where every person present believes it is their right and privilege to take whatever they want and to deny any other person anything they wish. “If that’s not what the ‘province of all’ means,” they reason, “then does it mean anything?”


This reality has led to wildly different reactions across Eden. Nunyans, being citizens of the Free Cities, consider the Moons the ultimate vacation destination. The technologically advanced citizens of The Reek view the Moons as a place for scientific experimentation. The Ozites and Nalkéneans think the Moons should be designated a protected nature reserve, given the preference dragons have for laying their eggs there. And the Wonderlanders tell insane folktales about those “sacred satellites,” all in the hopes of keeping their children safe from the lunatics who would dare to approach the “realm of the goddesses.”


Geography & Climate

The geography and climate of each moon is quite distinct, though each is pockmarked by craters where dragon eggs have been laid and hatched.

  • The Blue One, also called Lanéké is covered in a vast sea and dotted by small islands.
  • The Green One, also called Yígkéké, is a forest moon.
  • The Yellow One, also called Looské is home to great fields of amber grass.
  • The Red One, also called Molké, is covered in constantly erupting volcanic plateaus.
  • The Purple One, also called Addaké, is home to majestic purple mountains.

Flora & Fauna

Each moon is home to species that, for one reason or another, would be unable to thrive on the world below. The hatching of dragon eggs would be disastrous on Eden proper, but works out just fine on the mostly deserted moons. Lunar rabbits are so friendly and fecund that they would overrun the world if they weren’t confined to the “worlds above.” And moon grass could never take root without the heavier gravity of The Yellow One to help it from blowing off in a steady breeze.


That’s not to mention the invasive species you can find here, including but not limited the cattle you can find just about everywhere. You know the story about the cows who jumped over the moon? Well some of them didn’t quite make it. Some of them were the kind of kine whose leaps were not quite as legendary, and their descendants still roam the moons today.



Aside from the vast quantities of edenite which is mined from The Red One’s lava fields, scavengers scour the craters for dragon scales, migrants gather moon grass for use as a recreational drug, and farmers collect milk from the moons’ many cows to be used in the finest Edenian cuisine.



Popular destinations include Secret Waters Spa, a series of hot springs in one of The Purple One’s most magnificent valleys; the River of Reflection on The Green One, a holy site for many of the world’s religions; and the Cliff of Crossings on The Blue One’s largest island, where the intrepid pilgrim may commune with the spirits of those gone and of those yet to come.

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Jul 10, 2023 00:06 by Chris L

I love this! Your moons sound like so much fun! I have to work on mine too, and this is very inspiring for me! I especially like the cows and how the different societies see the moon.

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Jul 10, 2023 10:52 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks! I keep waffling on this article because I find myself thinking "Have I ruined/overcomplicated my fantasy setting by adding a sci-fi element?" And so it's so helpful to get kind feedback. Kinda helps me tell the nasty inner critic to shush.

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Jul 10, 2023 10:02 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

The bit about the cows made me laugh. XD   Great article. Nice to learn about the moons! :D

Jul 10, 2023 10:53 by E. Christopher Clark

Aw, thanks. I'm glad the bit about the cows made you laugh! I'm nervous about this one, because I feel like maybe I broke my setting by adding space/sci-fi elements to something that's mostly a fantasy/folklore tale, so it's great to get positive feedback. Helps me shush my nasty inner critic.

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Nah, it's a fun little twist. :D

Jul 10, 2023 12:37 by E. Christopher Clark

:-) Thanks!

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