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Neverland is a once-independent nation-state that is now governed by The United Kingdom of Wonderland. Located principally on the Island of Pirates in the Sea of Tears, Neverland is a mariner’s paradise and a tourist’s delight. With two good-sized harbors, plenty of lush rainforests, and beaches to spare, Neverland offers something for everyone.


Which is probably why everyone has tried to take control of it at one point or another. From Ozites to Reekians to the invaders from The Realm who finally brought the Neverlandians into the fold of their United Kingdom, this small island nation has seen its fair share of colonizers. And yet, through it all, it has maintained at least some aspects of its untamed past.


For instance, Eden’s largest colony of ichthyothropes still controls Mermaid Lagoon with an iron fin. The red-skinned Kíndallans are still given leave to do what they will with the northwestern coast. And no one will defy the will of Peter Pan if his opinion on a matter differs from that of the Queen of Hearts.

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