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Nutcracker’s Saber

The Nutcracker’s Saber is a backsword with a curved blade. During the Second Age conquest of Motherland, it was used by Vladimir I to command an army of obedient wooden soldiers. Years later, Vladimir’s daughter-in-law Gretel der Jäger used the magic of the blade to grant sapience to those same puppets.



The weapon is a mundane saber which has been enchanted by the fae. Legends suggest that it was carried into Eden as a mere stage prop by Vladimir, though the king denied this story until his dying day.



The wielder of the Nutcracker’s Saber is granted two distinct abilities related to artificial life:

  1. The ability to give life and magical “fuel” to any any wood- or cloth-based automaton.
  2. The ability to transform any wood- or cloth-based automaton into one of the so-called stringless.

Note that there is no expectation of obedience bound to these abilities. It was Vladimir who threats to the soldiers he gave life that “kept them in line.”



Because the fairy who made the pact with Vladimir only intended the first ability to be used in order to consult with the automaton about their desire (or lack thereof) to become stringless, there is a hidden cost to using the sword in the way that Vladimir did.


If the wielder of the Nutcracker’s Saber continues to animate automatons against their will or does not grant them their freedom when they wish for it, the wielder’s dreams will be tormented nightly by fears pulled from the depths of the undercurrent until such time as they quit their abuse of the sword’s power.



The first ability can only animate and fuel automatons within a one mile radius. The second ability may only be used with the consent of the automaton in question.

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Item type
Weapon, Melee


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This is a cool one! A convenient method for creating a massive army of indestructible soldiers! (If you're so inclined!)

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