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Sadie Winters

Sadie Winters was a Queen Consort of Fatherland during Eden’s Second Age. Born the rightful heir to the throne of the neighboring Realm, she was the subject of numerous assassination attempts by her wicked stepmother. After one such attempt, during which the almost-eighteen-year-old princess escaped into a nearby forest, Sadie was declared dead by the homicidal queen. After that, she took refuge in the home of seven dwarven men—a septet with whom she soon began a polyamorous relationship—and lived a life of relative peace.


Until her stepmother tried to kill her one last time, of course.


Thought dead by her dwarven lovers, she was awakened by the kiss of the Prince of Fatherland. And though she initially rejected him, saying that she had herself a man already—several of them, in fact—she was eventually convinced to marry him by the Prince’s father, the King. The King, who dreamed of conquering all of the kingdoms in the Edenian south (the region which would come to be known as Wonderland), promised to help Sadie retake the throne which was rightfully hers, if only she would marry his son.


But though the king never made good on his promise, Sadie didn’t need his help after all. First as the Princess and then as the Queen, she arranged a series of diplomatic marriages which would, over time, reassert her bloodline’s control over not only The Realm but the entirety of the South.


Supernatural Abilities

Sadie was particularly adept in the areas of animal communication and control, though it remains unknown whether these abilities were magical in nature or were the result of the woman tapping into her innate Potential.


Appearance & Personality

As the Earthling fairy tale about her would one day proclaim, Sadie was possessed of skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as night. A beautiful and charming woman, she took full advantage of the persuasive powers of her appearance to win over opponents and to gain through diplomacy that which her husband and his father sought to earn through bloodshed.


Sadie Winters


Towards Wilhelm I

Wilhelm I


Towards Sadie Winters

Queen of The Realm
Mercy Graves
115 183
Wilhelm I (spouse)
5' 6"
125 lbs


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