The Tome of the Regulars

The Tome of the Regulars is the primary religious text of The Sister’s Regulars. It documents all known myths and legends regarding the rebooting of reality, from “The Tragedy of Yesh and Jude” to “The Tale of the Seven Voices” and beyond.


Bound together by a singular focus on breaking the laws of life and death, the Sister’s Regulars of Earth-669—led by Ada Coffin in her capacity as Barkeep—sought to compile all information on how reality had been successfully rebooted in the past, so as to enable someone to more easily do so again in the future.

Document Structure


The text is divided and categorized by iterations of reality. Sections appear in chronological order, beginning with The Calamity which is believed to have ended Earth-1, continuing onto the performance of The Seven Voices believed to rebooted reality into Earth-2, and so on.


Footnotes from Ada and her co-authors appear throughout the text, in an effort to clarify the historicity of each tale, and to explain why Calamities appear in the order that they do.

Publication Status

The book is available to any patron of The Strumpet’s Sister at anytime, thanks to a print-on-demand machine kept in a backroom off the bar (so as not to completely bewilder patrons who stumble in from less technologically advanced moments in time). It has been translated into every known language in the universe.

Text, Religious


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30 Dec, 2020 20:21

This sounds like it would be a really interesting book to read!

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E. Christopher Clark
30 Dec, 2020 20:41

Yeah, I almost want to write it. Or at least part of it. Almost.

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