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Connor’s Gob

Connor’s Gob is the largest city in The Highlands of Wonderland and was the capital of this province when it was an independent kingdom. Founded in the Second Age by Hamish I and his wife Johanna Vinternsdotter, Connor’s Gob is a raucous town that is tolerant of much but brutal to those who would break any of its few hard and fast rules.



The city is nestled in the valley of Dalton’s Dale and sits upon the western shore of the Loch of Keys. It stretches from Daniel’s Crag in the north to Roger’s Moor in the south, from the base of the Lazenby Glacier in the east to the tip of the Pierce Point penisula in the west.


Connor’s Gob is so named because it sits at the mouth of Connor’s Creek, a narrow stream which runs down from the nearby mountains and empties into the lake.



The castle at Daniel’s Crag has stood since the dawn of the First Age, but it stood alone in the area until the dawn of the Second.


Using plans found in the Edenian Athenæum, Hamish and Johanna had the rest of the city built in the style of Scottish Highlands settlements they had visited back on Earth, before their iteration of reality collapsed and brought them to Eden.


Notable Landmarks

Rainbow Quay is the city’s famous shipping district, where cargo arrives and departs not only by boat but by rainbow bridge as well.


Meltwater Tavern is a beloved drinking house on the outskirts of town, as close to Lazenby’s Glacier as most folks will get without a yeti to guide them. Every door in the place is adorned with a mural created by a local artist, and the stage—though small—has played host to Roway: The Crowned Jester, 1D4 Wolves, and others.


The Stone Which Breathes is an eerie but popular monument at the center of town. Legend has it that the stone is the rump a sleeping Golem who has buried his head beneath the earth. They say that he will grant good fortune to any who are willing to give his bottom a scratch. But whether that is true or not, the rock does pulse when touched—suggesting life where there shouldn’t be.


But perhaps the most ominous landmark in Connor’s Gob is the prison inside Lazenby’s Glacier. Lawbreakers of all sorts are bound within the ice as punishment, using spells developed at the city’s founding. Some sentences are short—a few hours at most—but the most heinous offenders are sent away for eternity. In fact, Queen Johanna herself is still locked away deep within the glacier—imprisoned by her own magic—punishment for her role in the Failed Coup of 143.

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Second Age
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Dec 30, 2023 12:23 by Laurabones

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