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The Highlands

The Highlands are one of the seven provinces of The United Kingdom of Wonderland. They are situated in the northeast of the country, where they are bordered by The Grand Duchy of the Garden and The Free Cities of Nunya in the north, The Democratic Republic of the Reek in the east, the province of Neverland in the south, and the province of Fatherland in the west.


Though the capital of Connor’s Gob sits upon the shores of the Loch of Keys, the most famous city in The Highlands may be mysterious Germelshausen. That village, which appears from out of nowhere for only one day each decade, has long captivated folks from all over Eden.


Famous Highlanders include the legendary Bonnie MacAdam, who gave up her true love and married the sickly prince in the hopes of keeping The Highlands out of the clutches of the expansionist Fatherland. Though she ultimately failed in this endeavor when her own daughter, her only child, married a son of Fatherland royalty, she is still respected as a regional hero for the ferocity with which she defended the land from any and all who would seek to take it by force.

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