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Old Ludditon

Old Ludditon is a majestic Yesterlandian city which served as the capital of this region before its incorporation into The United Kingdom of Wonderland. Situated on the northeastern shore of Lake Memory, at the point where the River Yauch begins its journey toward the Novoya Volga, Old Ludditon was very nearly called Sabotage City instead. It was founded by Earthlings who deeply mistrusted technology, and whose first act upon their arrival in Eden was to destroy the abandoned dwarvish factory they found here.



The city sits astride the River Yauch. It stretches from the edge of Farewell Forest in the northwest to furthest reaches of the Purple Crater in the southeast.



The founding settlers were French and Swiss refugees from the Earth-666 iteration of reality. Disgusted by the environmental cost of their old world’s rapidly advancing technologies, they sought to avoid replicating past mistakes here in their new Edenian homeland.


As such, they built the city in the style of the secluded alpine villages they had grown up in—places which had remained largely untouched by the Industrial Revolution. And because the area is rich in magic, magic which elves and other migrant magic users eventually taught the human beings to harness, there has never been any need to modernize.


Notable Landmarks

The Purple Crater is home to countless vineyards which, fed by the supernaturally fertile soil of the crater, produce the most popular wines in Eden.


Near the geographical center of town, the Bridge of Cloth is not only the settlement’s most popular river crossing but its most popular open-air market as well. Founded by priestesses of The Faith, it is home to the most talented tailors, seamstresses, and milliners in the land.


The most popular attraction on the north side of town is the Garden of the Goddesses, purported to have appeared overnight in the once-open space in front of Château Row.


And at the edge of town, leading into Farewell Forest, is the Trail of the Dead—a pathway cutting through the town’s immaculate cemetery. It is said that communing with the ancestors is easier here than in any other place in Eden, save the grasslands outside the town of Peter’s Gift on the Island of Pirates.

Founding Date
Second Age
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WorldEmber 2023: Dimi Mission
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In which Dr. Anvil challenges E. Christopher Clark to write about the cities of Eden during WorldEmber 2023.


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Dec 31, 2023 16:09 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is definitely the kind of place I would love to visit for an extended holiday.

Dec 31, 2023 18:47 by E. Christopher Clark

Yay! I was definitely trying to make this one of the more pleasant ones.

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Cool to see your locations coming to life!

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Thanks! Yes, I honestly knew very little about this one in advance so it was fun to play with the Deck of Worlds and come up with something cool.

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