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Island of Pirates

The Island of Pirates is the largest of the Neverlandian islands. Because of this, and because it is home to the region’s seven most populous cities, many Edenians think the Island of Pirates is Neverland—that these 800 square miles are all there is of the place.



In the north, the island is dominated by the magical and mysterious Neverwood—home to Peter Pan, his Lost Boys, and several Pixie colonies. A small mountain range in the northeast separates the Neverwood from the rocky domain of the pirates. To the northwest sit the Plains of Plenty, an area reserved during each Interregnum for the peoples of the recently collapsed universe who have been most devestated by colonization.


South of the Great Plains and west of the southern half of the Neverwood is Mermaid’s Lagoon—home to the largest colony of ichthyothropes in Eden. To the south of that are the Grasslands Where Spirits Gather, site of two of the islands largest settlements (about which there will be more below).


To the east of the Grasslands, nestled between the island’s two mountain ranges, is Vallée Étrange—the Uncanny Valley—which is said to be an even stranger place than the Neverwood.


“Strange how?” you may ask. Well, if you ask, no one will be able to tell you—not exactly. They’ll just shake their head and say, “It’s just what I’ve heard. I’ve never been there myself.”


Very few people have, or so it would seem.



The island is home to the seven most populous cities in Neverland. These include, from the southernmost and moving clockwise:

  • Shtrags Ëg (Thünard for “holy valley”), a holy city for Mountain Worshippers which grew out of a cleric's camp near the so-called Gorge That Knows.
  • Taktdalpox Bakto (Moldése for “butterfly bay”), a fishing village that is home to the Cabin of the Fifth Wind, a structure built by a reclusive Kíndallan poet—and, of course, to many, many butterflies, as well!
  • Peter’s Gift, site of a one-time stronghold of the necromancer Stagnekad which was later liberated by Peter Pan. Nestled deep in the Grasslands Where Spirits Gather, it is only place in Eden where the Veil of the World is as thin as in far-off Kirbyville. Because of this, it is one of the easiest places in the world to commune with the dead and a haven for the undone.
  • Mab Bexkosh (Moldése for “thorn city”), named for the briar patch which sprung up around the home of Aesling O’Briar and her adoptive parents after she pricked her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. In the Second Age, King Ingvar Östenson moved the capital of the then-independent Neverland to Mab Bexkosh as a wedding gift to the recently awoken Aesling.
  • O‘raba Hebe‘e Mümo (Lüota for “plains sprouting always”), a small farming community centered around Ewo Ne O‘ürerü (the River of Prophets). Legend has it that the fields of grain here grew from a single seed and that they will never die—no matter the harshness of the weather visited upon them.
  • Seadog City, the pirate enclave located on the cheekily named Bay of Booty.
  • Nevermind, the city that everyone forgets, a perpetually rainy place on the southeastern coast.


  • Island of Pirates
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Dec 12, 2023 17:28 by Chris L

Cool to see you getting more of your world fleshed out. I'm not sure what's wrong with "Uncanny Valley" but there's just... sometinhg wonrg about it!

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Dec 12, 2023 21:46 by E. Christopher Clark

I know, right? I just can't put my finger on it.

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Dec 12, 2023 17:49 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Poor Nevermind. XD   I enjoy the bit about the Uncanny Valley. It made me laugh.

Dec 12, 2023 21:47 by E. Christopher Clark

Glad you got a laugh. Regarding Nevermind, I actually miscounted the number of cities on the map when I started coming up with descriptions and I only found that one at the last minute. Hence: Nevermind.

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