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Mermaid’s Lagoon

Mermaid’s Lagoon is a large, sheltered estuary located on the northwest corner of the Island of Pirates. Home to Eden’s largest colony of merfolk, this beautiful tourist destination is not-so-secretly run by the Andersen crime family. Descendants of the so-called “little mermaid,” the Andersens rule Mermaid’s Lagoon with an iron fin. But if you’re willing to pay a pretty penny and follow the rules precisely, you can have a hell of a time here.


Notable landmarks include the Wreck of the Paradox, said to be the most haunted shipwreck site in the world; the Sandbar of Secrets, where sea witches exchange magical favors for untold truths; and Bell’s Light—a lighthouse named for a certain Pixieish friend of the legendary Peter Pan.


Mab Bexkosh, capital of the Wonderlandian province of Neverland, sits at the mouth of the Mol La, where that river empties into the lagoon.


Mermaid’s Lagoon is shallow, elongated body of brackish water which is separated from the Sea of Tears by the Crooked Strait and Marooner’s Rock. It is bounded in the north by the Plains of Plenty, in the east by the Neverwood, and in the south by the Grasslands Where Spirits Gather. West of the lagoon is the aforementioned Sea of Tears.

Fauna & Flora

Aside from the merfolk who dominate these waters, the place is lousy with piano tuna, nanlaríx, and many other fish and marine mammals.


Shipwrecks have been common here since the First Age. Whether lured into the shallow waters by the beauty of the place itself or the merfolk who call it home, many a sailor has met their end here. There is but one navigable channel which can safely lead a vessel past Marooner’s Rock, through the lagoon, and into the harbor at Mab Bexkosh, and siren song is so intoxicating that even the oldest salt has trouble making it to port unscathed.


In the Second Age, while King Östen could not find any way to get along with the locals, his estranged son Ingvar was perhaps too beloved by the merfolk. It is said by many that his family’s later misfortunes could all be traced back to his unintentional spurning of the aforementioned “little mermaid.” When Ingvar married Aesling O’Briar—the sleeping beauty—the little mermaid’s heart crumbled under the weight of unrequited love. And so, she cut the shattered pieces out of her chest with the help of a sea witch. From then on, the heartless Aria Anderson and her descendants were the true rulers of Mermaid’s Lagoon and everything around it.

Gulf / Lagoon
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Jul 10, 2024 18:51 by jyliet of the house

Oh no, poor Aria to have been so spurned. I'd turn to crime, too. Sounds like this place has become a natural shelter for illegal activities, too!

Jul 10, 2024 21:33 by E. Christopher Clark

Yep! Wasn't expecting that when I started writing, but then I pulled a card from my Deck of Worlds and I was like, "Ooh, interesting."

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Jul 11, 2024 12:38 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the twist that it's also a haven of CRIME.

Jul 11, 2024 15:40 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks! I really like the idea of a merfolk crime family, especially given that there are two types of merfolk in my world: ones that can transform back and forth between human and mermaid, and ones that can't.

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