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Frankburg is the largest city in the Wonderlandian province of Fatherland, and was the capital city of that place during its days as an independent kingdom. Known throughout Eden for its foundry, its distillery, and for the famous First Age battle waged on its austere bridge, Frankburg’s people are actually far more proud of their citywide network of pink strudel pipes—an innovation which pipes fresh warm fruit-based pastry filling into Frankburg homes on the daily.



Frankburg is located on the south side of the Bü‘ükopo Oadü, in an area of low-lying marshy woodlands. The forest known as Sadie’s Woods borders the city in the southeast, while the haunted Fen of the Faithless sits just across the river on the Nalkénean side.



The oldest parts of town recall the medieval architecture of Earth’s Bavaria. Unlike some Edenian towns, however, the development of Frankburg has never been purposefully arrested in time. Even during the early Second Age, when most of the Edenian South was whipped up in an anti-technology, anti-progress fervor, Frankburg kept trying new things. Years later, it was the technological breakthrough of the strudel pipe network which began to soften the South’s stance on technology. After all, when technology was so magical, why not just embrace it?


Notable Landmarks

The city distillery, founded by the ghosts of the elven deserters who gave the nearby Fen of Faithless its name, produces a unique alcoholic beverage called Lichen Schnapps. It is a strong, dry spirit derived from an unusual moss which seems to grow only here in Frankburg, and its popularity has gone a long way towards redeeming its founders’ reputations.


The Keep of the Kept is a castle on the city limits which was founded by former nomads. It is home to a breed of musical insects whose song is purported to cure even the most intense cases of wanderlust.


Somewhere in town, legends say that a guild of Kíndallan thieves runs a so-called “School for Rogues” but the exact location of this supposed academy remains a mystery.


And over at the southeastern corner of town, on the edge of Sadie’s Woods, sits the Foundry of the Seven—a factory founded by the seven dwarves of Sadie Winters. It was here at the foundry that the dwarves kept Sadie’s glass coffin during the time they thought her dead, and it was here that the magical kiss of Wilhelm I brought the once and future queen back to life.

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Dec 28, 2023 19:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I want strudel filling piped daily into my home. <3

Dec 28, 2023 22:19 by E. Christopher Clark

This is a thing that must happen. Who do we have to lobby?

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I came for the strudel pipes too! Please contact me when they're ready for installation!!

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If I ever become a billionaire and/or the president, the strudel pipes will be the first thing on my agenda.

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Jan 4, 2024 14:55

I am now mysteriously craving pastries. I wonder why... Great article!

Jan 4, 2024 19:57 by E. Christopher Clark

Hehehehe. I must say that I was in no way paid by the Pastry Industrial Complex to write this article.

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