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Elind Knight

An Elind Knight is warrior monk dedicated to the ways of the Elind, a monastic order committed to the preservation of a peaceful and just universe. Though founded by elves, Elind Knights in the land of Eden can be of any species. So long as a person can wield a stoy and master their untapped potential for use in spellcasting, anyone can become a Knight these days.


Much to the chagrin of The Ginger Cut, of course—that secret society of elven traditionalists who led the rebels in the Nunyan Civil War.


But regardless of the Cut’s feelings on the matter, most Edenians view Elind Knights as excellent leaders and decision-makers. Therefore, a retired Knight—if they don’t pursue a career within the order as a teacher or scholar—could land just about any position they wanted in Edenian government. And many have done just that.



Given that an Elind Knight’s training typically begins at a young age—ideally before the age of maturity for their species—the only qualifications for entering the order are untapped potential and a willingness to live life according to the order’s code of conduct.


Now, what it takes to stay in the order and become a full-fledged knight? That’s a whole ’nother story.

Career Progression

The novice begins their training in an Elind priory, under the tutelage of a Knight retired from active duty. The smaller teacher-to-student ratio afforded by this approach, as opposed to instruction at a large monastery or temple, is one of several things which distinguish this order from others of the type.


After several years of training, and at the discretion of their mentor at the priory, the novice is apprenticed to an active-duty Knight to complete their training out in the field. They build their first (and hopefully last) stoy, then they watch and they learn—only entering combat or speaking during negotiations if given direct permission from their master.


Once a master believes their apprentice ready to ascend to knighthood, the apprentice is thrust into a simulation chamber and presented with a no-win situation to see how they will handle the ordeal (an idea the Elind borrowed from an Earthling film called Star Trek). If their response is deemed acceptable, they are elevated to knighthood status.


From there, the Knight’s career may take many paths. Some will remain in the field until their deaths, others will retire from active service to become teachers or scholars, and a few—called by love or family or some other attachment—will even renounce their vows and pursue a life outside the order with what time they have left to them.

Payment & Reimbursement

The order forbids monetary gain. That said, they do provide food, shelter, clothing, and supplies for all members.

Other Benefits

Elind Knights are highly respected members of society. They could get just about anything they want or need, in just about any city or town, just by asking. But they have that whole “incorruptible” vibe to uphold, and mostly truly believe in the vows they have taken. And so, the only true benefit most Elind Knights get from the job is good will.


With that being said however, more than one Knight stationed out in East Dumbstruck has succumbed to a donation of flesh at that town’s infamous brothel. The Order, it seems, just turns a blind eye.



To guard the peoples of the universe against unjust treatment, to work always toward a more peaceful world, and to educate the masses about the dangers of attachment and the importance of mindfulness in all situations.

Social Status

Elind Knights are seen by most as incorruptible public servants whose lifetimes of service and sacrifice should be rewarded upon their retirements. The social status of an Elind Knight’s birth family is not knowingly considered, either within the order or without. The order becomes their family. As such, becoming a knight is seen by many in the lower classes as a way of elevating one’s status over time.


Founded by Faegred elves early in the history of that species, Elind Knights have existed for a very long time.


They came to the land of Eden during the First Interregnum, when a Calamity brought the first iteration of reality to its end. At that point, after realizing how low their numbers were and how big their new homeland was, the extant Elind Knights decided to begin recruiting from other species. If there weren’t enough elves to protect this post-apocalyptic paradise, that didn’t mean the place should go unprotected.


It was a good long while before the order accepted its first kíndallan Knight, however (owing to the historic rivalry between that species and the elves), and it was around that time that the aforementioned Ginger Cut took a greater interest in seeing the “blasphemous” order brought down for good and all.

Alternative Names
Sticks, Donatellos


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