The Seven Voices

The Seven Voices are the group of seven individuals who, according to legend, “sing” each iteration of reality into existence.


In the land of Eden, during the Interregnums between iterations of reality, an annual Harvest of the Voices is held to try and identify the seven people who will restart the world. But it’s uncertain whether this ritual has ever been successful in convening the seven voices during Interregnums past, or if the voices simply emerge on their own when the time is right.


What is certain, based on what we know from The Tome of the Regulars, is that each of the seven voices who do emerge fit neatly into one of the following “stock god” archetypes. This has led some to believe that The Seven Voices are deities of some sort, a pantheon which is reincarnated each time it is needed.


The Seven Archetypes

  • The Voice of Love and Life
  • The Voice of Wisdom and the River
  • The Voice of Dreams and Hope
  • The Voice of Death and Mortality
  • The Voice of War and Conflict
  • The Voice of Mischief and Chaos
  • The Voice of Money and Material
Religious, Pantheon


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2 Jan, 2021 01:16

This is a really interesting concept. I like that a festival is held to try to find them, but that it's not clear whether it's ever been successful.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
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E. Christopher Clark
2 Jan, 2021 14:25

Thanks, Emy! This concept is central to the book (or, possibly, series) that I plan on writing after I finish the series I'm working on now.

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