The Stains of Time

A suburban fantasy…with time travel

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The Stains of Time is a suburban fantasy set in New England in the late 90s and early 2000s. Join the Silver Family as they travel through time, confront the ghosts of their pasts, and right the wrongs of generations gone by.


The World

The Stains of Time novels are set on a fictional version of Earth in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The action begins in suburban Chelmsford, Massachusetts and in a house on Cape Cod which sits on property that’s belonged to The Silver Family since the 1600s.


When things get weird, it’s usually thanks to the strange pub called The Strumpet’s Sister. That tantalizing tavern appears on the banks of rivers throughout the universe whenever it feels like it—and disappears just as randomly.


The People

The primary protagonists are The Silvers, a Massachusetts-based clan of frustrated artists trying to strike a balance between familial obligations and dreams of striking it big. The Piano of Death stars musician Veronica Silver, The Boot of Destiny features Veronica’s valedictorian daughter Tracy and paint-by-numbers cousin Michael, while The Chains of Desire centers on Michael’s stripper sister Ashley and the rock star Robin Gates.


The latest novel in the series, The Elixir of Denial, picks up where Chains left off and continues Ashley’s story after a tragic separation from the love of her life.

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The Weirdness & Whimsy

Much of the action in The Stains of Time is governed by the same natural laws as The Real World. However, when the magic of The River Without End and its waters is involved, all bets are off.

The Unstuck
Condition | Mar 27, 2022

The secret to time travel in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe is tied to the magical River Without End.

Veil Pulling
Spell | Jan 1, 2022

The rare preternatural ability to draw back the Veil of the World and unstick yourself in time.

Chronetic Neural Crossover
Condition | Dec 19, 2021

A condition resulting from an encounter between a sapient being’s past and future selves.


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