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Pu Dijk (puh DIH-YIK)

Pu Dijk (Thünard for Sky Palace) is the space station found at the top of Tiry’s Tower and the departure point for most visits to the Five Moons of Eden. It is the most remote permanent settlement in Eden and, despite all attempts to make it otherwise, is as much a “hive of scum and villainy” as that spaceport from that one movie about the laser swords and the droids and whatnot.


Though the space station is an unincorporated community belonging simultaneously to all of Eden’s five nations and none of them, it has adopted the Nunyan system of government. Pu Dijk, therefore, is governed by a city council whose only job is do the opposite of what the Village Idiot says at all times and on all matters.


A trio of Dwarvish Hämnares patrol the station perimeter at all times. Their primary duty is to keep dragons from nesting, as the explosive hatching of a dragon egg would be the end of the station—and perhaps Tiry’s Tower, as well.


The spaceport is the most well-developed district on Pu Dijk, with regular flights to all five moons and occasional flights to the Winkie city of Embershire and the Nunyan city of Kirbyville.


Beyond the spaceport, there is a small residential district, a bustling commercial hub, and an entertainment complex which offers a little bit of everything (see “Points of Interest” below).

Points of interest

Points of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The Plaza of Prayers, where you go to pray for your life before visiting the lawless moons;
  • Chy’s Hotel & Casino, where you go to gamble the big bucks you earned harvesting dragon scales; and,
  • The Pub at the End of the World, where you drink away your sorrows with the pittance you have left from your visit to the casino.

There is also a Quadling Cathouse and the most decrepit-looking First Imp branch you’ve ever seen. So, yeah, it’s a bit of nasty place, but you can find anything you might ever want or need inside these walls—or, at the very least, find the person who will stop at nothing to get you your heart’s desire.


For a price, of course.

Founding Date
76 CE
Orbital, Station
Location under
Related Tradition (Primary)


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