The Land of Eden

a post-apocalyptic portal fantasy

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The Land of Eden will be the primary setting for E. Christopher Clark’s follow-up to the The Stains of Time series. It combines Clark’s love of fairy tales, science fiction, and fantasy into a single world where anything is possible—but where the ultimate desires of most characters is just to get out of there and go home again.


The World

Eden is a strange supercontinent surrounded by The River Without End. Sealed off from the rest of the universe except during Interregnums, it is primarily home to the four extant tribes of halflings. But each time a Calamity brings an iteration of reality to its end, Eden serves as the last refuge for the survivors of River’s wrath.

Vale of Thunder
Geographic Location | Feb 8, 2022

A valley steeped in legend… and full of dinosaurs.

Paradise City
Settlement | May 16, 2022

Paradise City is the largest of The Free Cities of Nunya, and is notorious throughout Eden for its enormous red-light district, its city-wide ban on public decency, and for the Twin Pillars of Salt which serve as the city gates.

Settlement | Feb 8, 2022

An old mining settlement that's half stuck in the past, and half striving toward the future.


The People

While many of the characters are human, not all of them are Earthlings—thanks to repeated reboots of reality and whatnot. And if that’s still not weird enough for you, there’s a shapeshifting species called the kíndalla, elves who count Santa Claus as a member of their species, and dwarves who are so technologically advanced they’ve created a synthetic symbiotic organism that’s made them the number one arms dealer in the universe.


Oh, and don’t forget about the anthropomorphic ducks. They’re great fun at birthday parties.


The Magic & Technology

When all of the cultures of a universe collide on one supercontinent, you’re bound to discover some new magics and technologies. Here are just a few.

Item | Jul 29, 2021

Only a word processor powered by hellfire itself can produce documents strong enough to withstand the rebirth of the universe.

Condition | Dec 28, 2020

How are mermaids made? And what about mermen or nonbinary merfolk? Find out here!

Tin Transplant
Technology / Science | Jul 4, 2021

A technology developed by Winkie artisans to keep the kindest souls alive forever.


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